The event series “REMBE® Safety Days” will continue this year. After the event topics Explosion Safety for spray dryers and Explosion Safety in the woodworking industry in the past, this year’s focus is on the food and beverage industry, specially the daily challenges in the food-, sweet-, grain- and convenience product plants as well as soft drink factories and breweries.

The REMBE® Explosion Safety Days combine the latest topics and presentations, top rank speakers as well as extraordinary evening events. It is a two-day networking event to exchange experiences and protection approaches.

A broad range of perspectives are required to obtain a holistic picture regarding Explosion Safety in the food and beverage industry. This is why the speakers at REMBE® Safety Days 2019 include operators, OEMs, insurance companies and authorities.

One of the highlights at the event is the live explosion demonstration carried out by REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH.

The event will be held in English due to the international audience. In addition to theoretical explanations and practical experience reports, a key importance is also placed on providing sufficient time for the personal exchange of information.


Find here the full programme as well as the registration form.

In the podcast episode DSS027 of the Dust Safety Science, Dr.-Ing Johannes Lottermann, Director of Explosion Safety at REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control talks about the German VDI standards for explosion safety.


During the discussion, Johannes explains:

-How the VDI standard compares with the ATEX standards commonly used in Europe

-The different parts of the standard, which are broken down by equipment type

-The ways that German regulations on combustible dust safety differ from those in other parts of the world

-The differences between dust explosion and gas explosion


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In the podcast episode DSS024, Niklas Kitzhöfer, Managing Director of REMBE® China Ltd. in Shanghai, talks about Chinese national standards for explosion safety.


You can find the complete podcast at

Accreditation of the REMBE® Research + Technology Center as an independent testing laboratory

The REMBE® live demonstrations have been an integral part of the POWTECH for many years. The same applies to the key player Roland Bunse - an established figure in the world of Explosion Safety since the 1990s, who has been at REMBE® just as long, and has been head of the REMBE® Research + Technology Center GmbH for 2 years. With the accreditation as a testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 the team around Roland Bunse the independence and professionalism appreciated by many customers was once again confirmed. In addition to the REMBE® Research + Technology Center, REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control will of course also be represented at POWTECH, but no longer in Hall 4 as before, but rather in the "new" Hall 5. At the booth 5-410, REMBE® engineers will be presenting a new non-return valve and the Q-Ball® E flameless venting device especially designed for elevator in addition to other selected products.

Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve

The new Q-Flap RX™ non-return valve is a joint development between REMBE® and the Swiss company RICO. The Q-Flap RX™ is available up to DN 1250.

The strict requirements of EN 16447 are mainly achieved through the very high strengths and flexible installation distances. This is made possible by the so-called swivel carriage principle.

Isolation is essential for an effective Explosion Safety. No matter how much operators invest into (flameless) venting, if an isolation is missing the explosion can spread within the system and continue to propagate from one facility part to another.

Flameless pressure relief for elevators: Q-Ball® E

The Q-Ball® E, which is primarily designed for elevators, uses the principle of the contour-parallel relief developed by REMBE®. Thanks to the innovative design, the weight of the Q-Ball® is very low. While comparable products from other suppliers weigh between 100-200 kg, the Q-Ball® is an absolute lightweight with just 25-50 kg. This particularly facilitates the handling during assembly, as well as the requirements for an installation on the systems in the truest sense of the word.


REMBE® Process Safety and REMBE® Kersting GmbH

At POWTECH 2019, the REMBE® Process Safety business unit will also be presenting various new products, including a non-invasive signalling system and a newly developed graphite rupture disc.

In addition to the REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control with the business units Explosion Safety and Process Safety, as well as REMBE® Research + Technology GmbH, REMBE® Kersting GmbH will also participate at the POWTECH. A new, fully automatic sampling system will be presented, that is able to depict the entire process chain from the sample extraction in one part of the plant all the way up to the laboratory. In addition to inline sampling, REMBE® Kersting offers its customers products for flow measurements, and the silo weighing of bulk materials worldwide.


You will find the REMBE® Alliance companies in Hall 5, at Booths 5-407, 5-408, 5-409 and 5-410.

The success of REMBE® Asia Pacific is a great example of the popularity of German safety products worldwide. To make sure that our Asian customers fully benefit from our holistic approach Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service., REMBE® Asia Pacific was founded in 2009 and has been growing year by year.

Such growth not only in turnover but also in people means more space was needed! The team recently moved into bigger state of the art premises.  The whole REMBE® family sends their congratulations to our colleagues in Singapore – Keep going, you are doing a great job!

In the November episode of the Dust Safety Science podcast, Jeramy Slaunwhite, Explosion Safety Engineering Consultant at REMBE® Inc., shares his extensive knowledge from material handling and ventilation systems, to government safety and education, and to evaluating fire and explosion hazards in industrial facilities. Jeramy has a rare background which covers a broad spectrum that gives him an interesting vantage point that is not typically available in the combustible dust safety community.


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A graphite rupture disc that is setting new standards in terms of durability - also with regard to the application temperature. A rupture signalling device that is unbeatable in terms of process leak-tightness, as well as a combination of REMBE® rupture discs and safety valves, which is becoming increasingly popular especially in the chemical industry: these are our ACHEMA highlights. "At this year's ACHEMA trade fair booth, visitors will get closer to our products and solutions than ever before", promises Orhan Karagöz (responsible for the Pressure Relief division) and Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rüsenberg (Teamleader Technical Sales).

Michael Hüske, Sales Manager Germany, is especially looking forward to introducing the NIMU to the visitors. It's not the first non-invasive signalling device for rupture discs, but the latest and therefore state-of-the-art technology.

Conventional signalling devices require cables to be mounted on the rupture disc, which must then be routed out through the rupture disc holder. This is not the case with the NIMU. Here, a signal indicator is attached to the rupture disc during the manufacturing process. The actual sensor is screwed into a blind tapping in the rupture disc holder, where it monitors the position of the signal indicator on the rupture disc. This means that the wiring only starts outside the rupture disc holder.

The system is leak-proof, and back in operation quicker

After an overpressure event, and the associated opening of the rupture disc, the outlet part of the rupture disc holder must be removed, the rupture disc replaced, and afterwards the system can be put back into operation. The days when the signalling cables also had to be routed again to the respective switching box are finally over. This allows colleagues from the electrical department to devote their attention to other tasks.

Additionally: The process is absolutely leak-tight. The blind tapping in the holder replaces the tapping which is usually required. The absence of cable glands (required for the holder tappings for conventional signalling cables) means that the cable glands used cannot become porous, thus preventing an escape of the process media.



NIMU, the non-invasive signalling: Sensor in a blind tapping in the rupture disc holder, and signal indicator on the rupture disc.








When the KUB® rupture disc opens, the NIMU sensor will output information to the process control unit of the system.



GRX® - cool and hot

If the process temperature is between -180 °C and 1,500 °C, the process involves corrosive media, and the rupture disc must already respond at a relatively low pressure, then the REMBE® graphite rupture disc GRX® is ideally suited to relieve the pressure. Thanks to a specially developed coating, the GRX® does not require polymeric sealants, and is able to withstand the aforementioned demanding process conditions, while still guaranteeing absolute leak-tightness. This in turn reduces the emissions of the system.








REMBE® graphite rupture disc GRX®


We are looking forward to meeting you at ACHEMA (11.06.-15.06.2018) in hall 9.1 booth C4.




The CSE Institute, under the leadership of Professor Jürgen Schmidt, will support your operations as an independent consultant - from safety-related observations, risk as well as the worst-case scenario analysis, through to the assessment of existing safety concepts, all the way up to the design and dimensioning of equipment parts with safety functions (including safety fittings). The cooperation between REMBE® and CSE has been active for several years and you can therefore rest assured that REMBE® will implement exactly the results and recommended actions from CSE.

REMBE® and CSE will also provide you with support for the design of your process. The CSE Sizing Service will calculate and determine the ideal safety concept for your system. As a solution, you will be provided with a design and evaluation of the safety devices, as well as customized and customer-specific safety reports or expert opinions. REMBE® will provide you with precisely the right products and support, if necessary, as well as installation and maintenance.

In the event that new systems are created, or the development of a new building or system parts, component tests and the associated certifications will be essential. CSE Engineering and REMBE® will conduct these tests and certifications for you, determine the necessary safety-related characteristic values and, if necessary, carry out the fluid examinations. For this purpose, the REMBE® engineers from the team of Dr. Stefan Rüsenberg, the employees of CSE, as well as other well-known companies in the industry have developed a unique test circuit that enables measurements at pressures of up to 3,400 bar and more.

You can benefit from the REMBE® & CSE cooperation and work with the crème de la crème of the German process safety industry! For optimum system safety, reliable pressure relief, and minimal downtime!


For more information on CSE Engineering, please visit


Do you have a specific concern? Contact the right contact person directly:

Dr. Stefan Rüsenberg

[email protected], Tel. +49 2961 7405-148


Prof. Jürgen Schmidt

[email protected], Tel. +49 721 6699 4780


If the encounter of hazardous atmospheres with ignition sources cannot be prevented, the explosion protection remains as the only reasonable protection measure for operators. Even if this presumably only the third-best alternative, numerous applications have proven the contrary, because the prevention of explosive atmospheres as well as ignition sources, is often associated with an enormous burden. This applies to the construction of the plant, as well as for the costs of the plant operation.

If explosion protection is possible for gas applications, as of now this can be performed through a flameless pressure relief. ATEX certified and made in Germany.

The original of the flameless venting devices, the Q-Rohr®, is now certified for gas explosions. Originally developed for organic dusts, it has also been approved for different types of metal dusts, dual-fuel and gas engines for some time. In the field of gas applications, a broad range of plants in the chemical industry, as well as various test rigs have already been equipped with the Q-Rohr®.

Roland Bunse, responsible for new applications and upgrading (further) development of the Q-Rohr® since the 1990s: "The Q-Rohr® can be used anywhere, where gas-air mixtures could enable an explosion. This is the case in many industries and factories, whereas test benches are only one example thereof. I am looking forward to the upcoming inquiries - of which there are several interesting challenges currently available with very different applications, which we can all protect with the Q-Rohr®."

The Q-Rohr® consists of a explosion vent with a burst indicator, as well as a stainless-steel mesh filter.  In case of an explosion the explosion vent of the Q-Rohr® will open, the inserted special mesh filter will efficiently cool down the flames of the explosion and reduce any escaping pressure to a safe minimum. System and environment are therefore ideally protected.

REMBE® is pleased to announce that Jan Cleijne has joined the company to strengthen the existing team of Senior Consultants in Explosion Safety and provide support to REMBE®’s growing portfolio of international customers.

Jan Cleijne comes with a wealth of experience, having spent more than 22 years in the Explosion Safety Industry.  As well as bringing extensive industry knowledge, Jan is formally certified for Dust Explosion Prevention and Limiting Systems, as an expert in investigating Dust Explosions and in the IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence.

“I am very excited to progress to a higher level of dust explosion safety with REMBE® and I am looking forward to working with some major global players. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected team of experts and a company which prides itself on its quality engineering solutions”

Dr Johannes Lottermann, Director of Explosion Safety said “Jan’s many years of experience makes him a key addition to the REMBE® family.  He is the perfect fit in adherence with our motto of Consulting.  Engineering.  Products.  Service.  I’m extremely pleased that we were able to find someone of Jan’s calibre to join our team and I’m confident he will play a key role in supporting our customers worldwide”

Jan Cleijne will focus on Explosion Safety Projects for spray dryers, food, biomass, brewing and wood working industries in the BENELUX area and worldwide.

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