Indoor Explosion Venting

We spearhead the development of indoor venting. A variety of protection systems have been invented by REMBE, especially noteworthy is our flameless venting system Q-Rohr-3.  These products can be easily and directly installed in production areas, without expensive, complex venting ducts.

Premium product

Explosion Protection


The Q-Rohr-3 explosion protection system is a proven reliable product.  It has been designed and engineered following extensive research and development, culminating in the most innovative and efficient flameless venting product on the world market today.

Indoor explosion venting with flame absorber and dust retainer.

The consistent demand from our customers is the need for a protection system where the flame and dust distribution can be limited to a point where the system can be kept indoors. The Q-Rohr-3 has been designed with customer driven criteria such as: zero maintenance, unlimited lifespan, huge reduction in the generated temperatures and effective dust retention. The Q-Rohr-3 has been proven to meet all of those demands.

The most economical solution

In a thermographic investigation of a dust explosion, it was recorded that when using a Q-Rohr-3 there is a huge reduction in the temperatures generated. REMBE’s Q-Rohr-3, the latest generation of indoor explosion vents from the inventors of ‘flameless venting’ guarantees indoor venting without any flame and dust propagation. Furthermore, the Q-Rohr-3, ATEX- and FM approved, is maintenance-free, negating operational costs, ensuring efficient, optimum production and thereby offering the most economical solution.  After investing in the Q-Rohr-3, a return on investment will be noticed within only a few weeks.

Q-Rohr-3 cools it down

The Q-Rohr-3 system is the only indoor explosion device that meets the NFPA codes and is approved in accordance with EU regulations (ATEX). It consists of an integrated REMBE bursting disc which vents the explosion wave in a controlled manner within the Q-Rohr-3 assembly. Flame gases with temperatures higher than 500° C (2,732° F) are cooled down to less than 90° C (195° F) via energy transfer within the specially developed stainless steel mesh filter inlet. This reduces the expanding gas volume as it extinguishes the flame.

After explosion immediately reusable

Dust retention is guaranteed by the mesh filter ensuring that no burnt or unburnt dust particles pass through the Q-Rohr-3 assembly. Additionally, the pressure rise and increased noise level associated with free vented explosions are massively reduced to negligible levels. After an explosion event the Q-Rohr-3 is reusable immediately after cleaning and replacement of the REMBE bursting disc assembly.

Copies and imitations are a safety risk!




VDI-3673, EN 14797, DIN EN 16009 and NFPA 68 and certified by FM Global.


DE 38 22 012, US 7,905,244


  • Available from 8" up to 32" (DN 200 up to DN 800)

  • Unique modular stainless steel construction

  • Re-usable quenching chamber made of a special stainless steel mesh filter

  • Multilayered stainless steel dust filter with pressure absorbing properties

  • Integrated bursting disc with signal unit and gasket

  • Bursting discs are also available in aseptic, sanitary and sterile designs

  • Electronic operational and alarm display

  • ATEX and FM type-tested and certified

  • Suitable for full vacuum

  • Special design for up to 600 °C (1,112 °F)

  • Sanitary cover keeps the outside clean


Dust explosion endangered facilities*

filters, dryers, mills, cyclones, etc.

with KSt-Values ≤ 250 bar x m/s

Dust Applications

with KSt-Values ≤ 400 bar x m/s, for standard, melting and fibrous dusts

Gas Applications

with KG-Values ≤ 100 bar x m/s, for II A, II B gases

Hybrid Applications

with K-Values ≤ 400 bar x m/s, for dust/gas/air-mixtures

* Metal dust and light alloy dust applications on request. ATEX Approval pending.


  • stainless steel

  • gasket: EPDM, silicone

Customer Benefits

  • No expensive vent ducts required

  • Process optimised arrangement of machines and facilities

  • Simple, visual inspection instead of regular maintenance costs

Application Images


Product Infomation - Q-Rohr-3 Product Infomation - Q-Rohr-3

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